Author Availability & Services

Simon Chadwick is available to speak, teach or consult with audiences of different sizes and profiles across the country.


Simon is an accomplished, charismatic speaker at public and private events, including conferences, management meetings and political gatherings. He is equally at home addressing the broad implications of his work as well as more specific, detailed topics.

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Having taught graduate classes at numerous universities around the country, Simon takes great pleasure in engaging with students from all backgrounds at all levels. His interactive style, and encouragement of discussion and argument, makes him a popular teacher and mentor, fostering relationships that last for years.

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Political Consulting

For The People is a manifesto for healing the nation. Simon will willingly engage with candidates for public office who share his desire for such healing to take place. It does not matter at what level such candidates are running – national, state, county, city, school board – Simon will engage and offer advice and suggestions based on proven solutions.

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Commercial Consulting

Simon and his colleagues at Cambiar Consulting offer consulting and training in “Power Skills” such as Communication, Influencing, and Becoming a Consultant.

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