Praise for For the People

"If we take this book seriously and ground our differing perspectives in its principles as we debate, our country will be the better for it. Chadwick’s carefully considered suggestions can serve as a springboard for a more respectful and considered dialogue.  He argues convincingly that the surest way to authoritarian rule is by defining the community in-group narrowly, and instead advocates for broad inclusiveness.  This book proposes that effective leadership rests on foundations not only of inclusion, but also of empathy, authenticity, listening, inspiration, and empowerment. Chadwick’s wide-ranging and thought-provoking assessment of today’s most polarizing issues should be read by everyone interested in better understanding the actions required to preserve our democracy.”

Sim Sitkin, Michael W. Krzyzewski Professor and principal, Behavioral Science and Policy Center, Duke University


"This book is a must-read for everyone running for any type of office. Debates and arguments from people from either side of the aisle will be well-informed and productive after having read it."

Kumar Mehta, author and principal, Bridges Insight, Senior Research Fellow, Center for the Digital Future, University of Southern California


"What Chadwick does well is set up the “higher-order” goal of wanting a better America for everyone as the reason behind his thesis.  As a result, any reasonable reader will follow his arguments to the end.  They may not like it, but won't be able to dismiss it either".

Will Leach, author and CEO, The Mindstate Group


"I have read this book twice. Simon Chadwick's thinking and his ability to weave together so many important strands into a coherent manifesto are truly brilliant."

Kathi Love, former CEO, GfK Mediamark Research and Intelligence