About the Author

Simon Chadwick

Simon Chadwick grew up in apartheid South Africa and witnessed at first hand what it was like to live under a totalitarian regime. His father, Bishop Graham Chadwick, was a prominent anti-apartheid activist who was eventually arrested and exiled by the regime.


Growing up under such circumstances, Simon became very familiar with the tactics employed by politicians to suppress opposition, oppress large segments of the population and engineer society to their own advantage. And he is seeing these very same things start to appear in the United States today. Which is why he took the plunge, became a citizen and wrote For The People.


Simon’s academic background is firmly rooted in politics, having earned a Masters degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Oxford University. But his career has been firmly grounded in the discipline of market research – the art and science of understanding people, the way in which they think and how they make decisions. For eighteen years he was a corporate CEO, leading companies and teams of varying sizes – and never earning more than six times the wage of his average staff member. He has led national trade associations, is an entrepreneur and has been Editor-in-Chief of a global trade magazine for the last ten years.

He is married to Johnnie, a Louisianan, and lives in North Carolina.