For the People by Simon Chadwick - United States 

For the People by Simon Chadwick

A Citizen's Manifesto to Shaping Our Nation's Future



I am delighted that you have chosen to stop by. I am Simon Chadwick, the author of For The People – A Citizen’s Manifesto to Shaping Our Nation’s Future.


America’s future hangs in the balance – and with it, the future of the Western world. Despite a booming economy, we are divided more now than at any time since the Civil War. Despite our wealth, vast swathes of our population are being left behind and the divide between the rich and the poor is at its widest for over a hundred years. Our politicians either play on these divisions or quietly pretend that nothing is wrong so as to hang on to their positions. Worst of all, our nation is failing to provide its citizens with what all human beings crave most of all – security.

Security means not having to worry about losing everything if you fall sick. It means having a job that is not suddenly going to disappear. It means that you can trust in your government to provide you with clean drinking water. It means not fearing that you will be shot just for being a black male. Security means so much in so many

aspects of all life, but above all it means living in the absence of fear. And we, the richest nation on earth, do not have that right now.


In writing For The People, I have tried to lay out a vision as to how, as a nation, we can heal our wounds and provide security without government being involved in every aspect of our lives. Because there are areas in which government should not have a role to play (for example, in your sexual orientation). For The People is a manifesto, a blueprint for our future. And it’s not pie in the sky – it’s practical and doable, as is witnessed by many other countries who have adopted this approach to government. 


Join me in making this a movement. Promote the book to candidates running for office in your state, your county, your city. Together we can take back this country and make it secure, prosperous and fair.


Thank you!


Simon Chadwick.



Simon is an accomplished, charismatic speaker at public and private events, including conferences, management meetings and political gatherings. He is equally at home addressing the broad implications of his work as well as more specific, detailed topics.


Having taught graduate classes at numerous universities around the country, Simon takes great pleasure in engaging with students from all backgrounds at all levels. His interactive style, and encouragement of discussion and argument, makes him a popular teacher and mentor, fostering relationships that last for years.


For The People is a manifesto for healing the nation. Simon will willingly engage with candidates for public office who share his desire for such healing to take place. It does not matter at what level such candidates are running – national, state, county, city, school board – Simon will engage and offer advice and suggestions based on proven solutions.